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Hi guys,

I have a requirement here in my company that we have to do unit tests on our Javascript files. What do you recommend? (we are already unit testing Java Sling Models, now we want to test javascript code).

When I say Javascript I mean the JS files that are inside Clientlibs of custom developed Components. We want to do 100% coverage, so we need some way to build a report coverage too.

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My bad, I probably overlooked javascript keyword

You can use any industry standard js unit testing tools with AEM, e.g. karma/jasmine etc.

Use frontend-maven-plugin to integrate it with node/npm  or  About Node.js Maven Plugin | Node.js Maven Plugin

check -

GitHub - eirslett/frontend-maven-plugin: "Maven-node-grunt-gulp-npm-node-plugin to end all maven-nod...

e.g. add this to pom.xml


  <id>javascript tests</id>




   <!-- optional: the default plase is "test". Some developers

  choose to run karma in the "integration-test" phase. -->



   <!-- optional: the default is "karma.conf.js" in your working directory -->




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Answers (4)




Yes, it is possible to run JavaScript unit test directly on the logic that is written in your client library. Utilising tools like Jest and the Maven Front end Plugin, these tools will enable you to write tests.

This is great because you can write tests for custom touch ui dialogue hooks, etc...

examples shows here: https://sourcedcode.com/how-to-write-javascript-unit-tests-for-aem-client-libraries-with-jest