Unable to upload images in 6.5 author using dispatcher url



Hi All,

We have setup new DEV and QA AEM instances along with dispatcher for author i.e. https://dev-author.xxx.com.

But we are unable to upload assets using author dispatcher url, could not find any errors in author dispatcher.log or AEM server logs related to this.

The same users are able to upload images using author ip address.

In author dispatcher filters, we have allowed all but denied admin tools related url.

Are we missing anything?


Any inputs on this would be helpful.



Srikanth Pogula.

6.5 author dispatcher authoring DAM Assets

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Do you see any error in the network tab when you upload the image? A 403 error like? If yes, it could be due to a dispatcher or a firewall block. Since you have already verified dispatcher rules, please look out for firewall rules.

All the domain URLs are usually behind a firewall, which are governed by rules called Web Application Firewall (WAF) rules.

I recommend you to verify these WAF rules and see if the AEM requests for Image upload are being blocked by one of such rule.