Unable to uninstall AEM package



i've build and install the aem package in aemauthor but in the package manager i'm unable to uninstall the package

the option of "uninstall" is grayed out

Can you seggent any options?

amimissing any changes in pom.xml?

AEM 6.4.5

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Answers (3)




Immediately prior to installation of your package, a snapshot package(under /etc/packages/<package_group>) is created to contain the content that will be overwritten.

This snapshot will be re-installed if/when you uninstall your package.

You cannot uninstall a package if the ".snapshot" directory is not there.

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As Arun told, mostly is should be because of permission issue. Please try with admin password.

You can use http://localhost:4502/crx/packmgr/list.jsp to get the list of packages in the instances. Check for lastUnpacked property on your package to confirm whether it's installed or not.

Also, if this in on your publisher and the package is replicated from the author, this is an expected behaviour.