unable to see JMX configuration in JXM console in AEM 6.4

sivas61374651 11-09-2018

Hi All,

I'm having the below JMX java class with the implementation. Once I build this and deploy it into bundles, in the logs I could see the particular JMX Service is registered successfully. But the particular service is not available in JMX console. The same service which I want to see is available in AEM 6.1 JMX console. Right now I'm working in 6.4 upgrade.In this server I'm unable to see.. any ideas?? Appreciate your help.

package ch.sample.aem.core.jmx;

import com.adobe.granite.jmx.annotation.Description;

@Description("Hybris related MBean to manually start the import")

public interface HybrisImporterMBean {

  // Incremental update does not really work on Hybris, only if the product itself is changed but

  // not if depending data like categories are changed

  // @Description("Initiates a new hybris import")

  // boolean startImport(@Name("clearProducts") @Description("Re-initializes the complete product

  // repository") boolean clear);

  @Description("Initiates a new hybris import")

  boolean startImport();



package ch.sample.aem.core.jmx;

import ch.sample.aem.core.commerce.hybris.importer.sampleHybrisImporterJob;

import com.adobe.granite.jmx.annotation.AnnotatedStandardMBean;

import javax.management.DynamicMBean;

import javax.management.NotCompliantMBeanException;

import org.osgi.service.component.annotations.Component;

import org.osgi.service.component.annotations.Reference;

import org.slf4j.Logger;

import org.slf4j.LoggerFactory;

@Component(immediate = true,service = DynamicMBean.class,property =  {"name =" + "jmx.objectname",

    "value =" + "ch.sample.aem:type=Hybris Importer"})

public class HybrisImporterMBeanImpl extends AnnotatedStandardMBean implements HybrisImporterMBean {

  private static final Logger LOG = LoggerFactory.getLogger(HybrisImporterMBeanImpl.class);

  private sampleHybrisImporterJob sampleHybrisImporterJob;



  public void bindsampleHybrisImporterJob(sampleHybrisImporterJob sampleHybrisImporterJob) {

    this.sampleHybrisImporterJob = sampleHybrisImporterJob;


  public void unbindsampleHybrisImporterJob(sampleHybrisImporterJob sampleHybrisImporterJob) {

    this.sampleHybrisImporterJob = sampleHybrisImporterJob;


  public HybrisImporterMBeanImpl() throws NotCompliantMBeanException {




  public boolean startImport() {

    LOG.info("Start Hybris import job via JMX");


    LOG.info("Hybris import job has been executed via JMX");

    return true;




*INFO* [FelixStartLevel] ch.sample.aem.core-bundle Service [ch.sample.aem.core.jmx.HybrisImporterMBeanImpl,7690, [javax.management.DynamicMBean]] ServiceEvent REGISTERED

Additionally..I'm getting Service Unregistered issue for most of the service. like below,

*INFO* [Thread-1665] com.adobe.granite.startup Service [40, [org.osgi.service.event.EventHandler]] ServiceEvent UNREGISTERING

*INFO* [FelixStartLevel] com.adobe.granite.repository Service [859, [org.apache.jackrabbit.oak.plugins.index.counter.jmx.NodeCounterMBean]] ServiceEvent UNREGISTERING



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