Unable to see Allowed Components list in custom layout container



Hi Team,

We are trying to create custom Layout Container(wcm/foundation/components/responsivegrid) component in AEM 6.4 to have fixed width and full width layouts in our project. Below are the steps i followed to create an editable template but unable to see Allowed Components even after creating a policy and configuring components.

  1. Create an editable template, open it to find a Layout Container(wcm/foundation/components/responsivegrid)
  2. Create a policy at Layout Container root level to allow custom Layout Container
  3. Drag and drop custom Layout Container
  4. Create and set another policy to allow project specific components for example, title, text, etc...
  5. Unlock custom Layout Container, i do not see allowed components here, whereas for OOTB Layout Container, am able to see Allowed Components list.
  6. I believe this section is necessary to edit component policies where style system configurations can be set

Attached screenshot of we.retail hero-page template where it works


Note: sling:resourceSuperType of our custom layout container component is wcm/foundation/components/responsivegrid, we have just added dialog fields for full-width and fixed-width to add bootstrap classes container-fluid and container respectively.

Can someone please let us know if the above approach is correct or could you please point me to references to achieve our requirement.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




As per your post, the goal is to have "have fixed width and full-width layouts".

I don't think that you really need a custom layout component. In your editable template, you can add a layout container and then set teh width in Layout mode.

More staff can be applied to a layout container with a style. You can review this approach in WKND sample project:


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Answers (10)





The container core component is meant to be used to combine 2 or more components like lego blocks.

To set policies and allow components, you should be using Layout Container component, this component can be found inside  General group.



I'll mention if you use ArchType 20 (I haven't checked earlier versions) to create an AEM project it will create a container component in your project's apps directory that uses a sling:resourceSuperType of the core components container object.

If you try to use that container you see the issues mentioned above.

If the OOTB layout container should be used, then why is the container component generated within the project when it lacks the functionality to show the allowed components within the container and doesn't let you set policies on those components?

It also doesn't work with the content exporter, if I view the model.json of a page, any components in my apps container aren't included, while they are when using the OOTB layout container.




It works if i remove the class(container/container-fluid) applied to the wrapper, but it does not serve my purpose because then custom layout component is exact copy of OOTB layout container.



Hi smacdonald2008,

I just added a wrapper div with class="container" or class="container-fluid" in custom layout container sightly html script based on selection in component's dialog.

<div class="${properties.layoutClass == undefined ? 'container-fluid' : properties.layoutClass}">

<<-- OOTB code from responsivegrid.html -->>




What changes in the code did you do in your custom layout container?

I assume if you use the OOTB Layout component - you are not seeing any issue.