Unable to retrieve Resource from ResourceResolver

tapass90533210 25-07-2018

Hi Guys,

I was trying to access a specific resource from my Servlet. Before that I created a system user, then added permission to that user to a specific node. But I think I did a mistake while configuring the user in system console User Mapper Service due to which I am unable to retrieve instance of Resource from ResourceResolver. Please find the screenshot for further info.

Thanks & regards

Tapasaranjan Samanta  pom.JPGServlet.JPGUser Mapper Service.JPGsystem_user.JPG

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


Hi Tapass,

You have given wrong OSGI symbolic name. You are mapping sling model packages(as from your screenshot) in the mapper service.

You have to use correct symbolic name to make sure this work. For example below screenshot.


And bundle symbolic name can be found here under bundles.


Use the bundle symbolic name and that should work!!

Hope this helps!!


Ratna Kumar.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

smacdonald2008 25-07-2018

Try clicking the top row and see if that makes a different. Also for you Sling mapping -  make sure that you are using the OSGi symbolic name. See this article for more details and a working example:

Adobe Experience Manager Help | Querying Adobe Experience Manager 6.4 JCR data

Hope this helps....