Unable to Publish on AEM 6.5.3



Hi all, 


I am running into an interesting bug, I am not able to publish any content from Author > Publish on AEM 6.5.3 on only one specific environment, I am not running into this issue on any other environments. This issue is observed as a part of 6.4 to 6.5 upgrade. The replication agents etc are all configured and nothing (specific) in the logs. The only error seen is in the browser, which is "Uncaught TypeError: Handlebars.compile is not a function". I've also checked out this article which points to a similar issue, but not helpful. I don't see this error in Edit mode, I only see this error when I try to publish any content, the page is blank, I don't see the publish button on top right. My project has not overridden any OOTB features or clientLibs that uses Handlebars, so I don't understand the handlebars exception. ACS version is v4.3.4 if thats of any help. 


Please provide pointers/suggestions, thanks in advance! 

AEM 6.5.3 handlebars

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