Unable to open Video asset in AEM author (AEM 6.2)



We are unable to open video asset in aem author classic UI (aem 6.2)

We are using dynamic cloud services for video assets.

Getting below error in browser console  (error in /libs/dam/widgets.min.js)

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'rendition.handler.id' of undefined

    at constructor.isProxyRendition (widgets.min.js:468)

    at constructor.refreshRenditions (widgets.min.js:474)

    at constructor.getTabsConfig (widgets.min.js:383)

    at new constructor (widgets.min.js:611)

    at Object.create (widgets.min.js:5708)

    at Object.build (widgets.min.js:19471)

    at Object.CQ.wcm.DamAdmin.openAsset (widgets.min.js:32627)

    at Function.CQ.wcm.SiteAdmin.openPage (widgets.min.js:31926)

    at constructor.CQ.wcm.SiteAdmin.openPages (widgets.min.js:31968)

    at constructor.callback (widgets.min.js:31445)




Yes, We are able to open the video asset properly in Touch UI also.

Opening the video asset in classic UI is the problem

We need classic UI because adding rendition once replaces all the renditions at one go. But in touch ui we need to add one by one. Hence we need the classic UI for the video asset