Unable to create any sets with AEM 6.3 Dynamic Media



Dynamic Media is installed and runmode is set.  I have the option to create both in the Create menu of the Assets UI but when attempting to add assets to the spin set or mixed media set, no assets are added.  It allows me to select the assets and click "Select":


But after clicking Select, no assets are added.  Here is the view I see for, as an example, a mixed media set:


The asset shown there is empty and was there before I added anything.  No errors are thrown in the log.


I get this same issue on both GA 6.3 and  Am I missing an install of a feature pack or something here?  I have tried with https://helpx.adobe.com/experience-manager/6-3/release-notes/dynamic-media-featurepack-14410.html installed as well but to no avail.  Thanks!



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