Unable to change user folder path in OAuth authentication - AEM 6.5



I have integrated a Google OAuth2 provider with AEM 6.5 OAuth authentication handler. There is a method named getUserFolderPath in Provider interface which should be used to get the folder path under which the user should be created. I noticed that this method is never been called and instead "user.pathPrefix" property is used to get the folder path which automatically appends the first 4 chars of the user ID internally.




I am not able to get the need of Sync handler for OAuth and how can I change the folder path as per my requirements? What is the need of getUserFolderPath in Provider interface?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




This getUserFolderPath method returns the node path where the user should be created:

String getUserFolderPath(String userId,
                       String clientId,
                       Map<String,Object> props)
Return the node path where the user should be created

Parameters: userId - clientId - in use when creating this user props - map of all provider's properties for this user Returns: relative path to store this user within /home/users (e.g. "facebook/1234" might be appropriate for facebook user with id=12345678)

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