Unable to Access the pages in Prod Publish Instance aem 6.5.! It display Blank Pages.



Can anyone Let me know how to solve this issue.
while working on AEM Publish Instance, facing the issue in all the pages going competely blank.! Can anyone please help me out in this issue please.? #AEM

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Accepted Solutions (1)





Please tail the ./crx-quickstart/logs/error.log from the publisher. You should be able to see a stack trace of what is currently happening in your situation. Your page may be dependent on another page, scripts, or bundles. With dependencies not installed correctly, a white page is typically the behaviour and result of a page load. 

Can you provide us with the stack trace from./crx-quickstart/logs/error.log?

Actually am getting the issue in that particular prod publish instance only, other than any instance its working fine, same page same components and same template. And if am opening any of the page in that projects it gives completely blank page also I checked the Error log it displays like, DefaultGetServlet exception and HTML cannot render resource JcrNodeResource. Can you please help me out this issue.

You need to Triple check if all the scripts and pages are installed, as "HTML cannot render resource JcrNodeResource" means that a resource in the JCR is missing, causing script unable to resolve.

Hi Brainkasingli, I have checked thrice all the components and rendering pages along with templates each and everything is installed properly, the same package is running on different instance accurately but issue is only with Prod publish instance. So got confused and all the bundles are also in active state.

In your local test environment for Publish, can you re-install all supporting packages, and try to visit (resolve) the page?
Yeah i tried that scenario also even there its working fine, but am facing issue in prod publish instance. Prod publish pages are coming blank! Is that servers Crashed ...?
As your fresh local publish is working as expected. We know that the problem does not persist in your scripts, bundle, or repository configuration. Can you please provide me with your error.log stack trace from prod? Might also be a privilege issue, as sometimes the current user does not have access to the /conf content repository.
Hi Brainkasingli, am getting error log like this. " *ERROR* [ [1588317076986] GET /content/iihtils/en/homepage.html HTTP/1.1] org.apache.sling.servlets.get.impl.DefaultGetServlet No renderer for extension html, cannot render resource JcrNodeResource, type=/apps/IIHTIls/components/structure/ils-home-page, superType=null, path=/content/iihtils/en/homepage/jcr:content 01.05.2020 07:11:18.100 *INFO* [ [1588317078081] GET /libs/wcm/core/content/components.1588317077502.json HTTP/1.1] com.day.cq.wcm.core.impl.components.ComponentServlet provided components."

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Answers (2)



@imadullakhan Please update the below lines into sling.properties file under crx-quickstart/conf folder and restart the instance. You will never face this issue back.


This issue will be observed with JDK 11 installation with AEM 6.5. It's a class loader issue.



Primary check: Check if your custom bundles built to render the page are in active state.