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TypeError: this.dom is undefined


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  I have created a custom multifield which will have two fields(Pathfield and TagInputField). I was able to perform all action using this fields.

    I was able to add multi line items and able to save it successfully.

  Issue is:

     After adding a line item, if i delete any of the item in the dialog using symbol. The Line Item was removed from the Dialog and after that if i Click on OK button of the Dialog.

    Its throwing script error  "TypeError: this.dom is undefined". This issue is not occurring if I use two (pathfield, textfield) or one(textfield/Pathfield) with RichText field.

    I am sure this issue is occurring because of TagInputField. Does anyone faced this kind of issues?

   Please suggest your solutions, How to get ride of this issue? . It would be great help. Am struggling with this issue



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Hi Deepan

It is very hard for us to zero-in on such issues. This is more or less a custom component and I think it would be good if you could raise this with Adobe Daycare Support.

Nevertheless, what you do is specify ?debugClientLibs=true query parameter and use firebug console to find the JS file and corresponding line number this error is originating from.

Also, so as to check the compatibility of TagInputField with multi-field widget, please try creating a custom multi-field component containing just the TagInputField Widget. This would help you in zero-in on the issue.

I hope this helps.


Varun mitra


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Hi Varun,

    Thank you, I tried only with TagInputField, there also same Issue occurred. Not Sure TagInputField is Compatible with multifield or not.