Trying to implement SAML in AEM 6.5. Not able to see trust store option in 6.5 where as in 6.3 I am able to see it.



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I am trying to implenment SAMLin AEM 6.5 by referencing this document->


In AEM 6.5, I don't see a trust store option under a user. when I tried to do the same in AEM 6.3 I am able to see it. Can you please help me here?


I saw aem 6.5 administration document, but it is pointiing to aem 6.3 saml implementation which I am referencing as abaove.  PLease let me kn


P F A below for both the images.

 6.3 pic.PNG6.5 pic.PNG


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Accepted Solutions (1)





First of all, you need to create global trust store to store your certificate for SAML configurration.



See the following git repo from @ahmedmusallam  which covers all your doubts related to SAML Integration

Blog Url:

Please let me know if you need any help... I am happy to help 🙂 

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