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I am facing an issue with the translation framework during conenctor development regarding rejection flow.


After translation gets rejected, AEM calls the translation service to 'updateTranslationObjectState' to REJECTED and 'updateTranslationJobState' to TRANSLATION_IN_PROGRESS.

Then it keeps polling (and internally updating) the rejected asset status with 'getTranslationObjectStatus'.


From this I assumed, that the expected flow would then be for the status to transiation back to TRANSLATION_IN_PROGRESS and later - after the rejection comment is addressed and the content retranslated - transition to TRANSLATED again, with the expectation that 'getTranslatedObject' will be called, to pull the latest change.


However 'getTranslatedObject' never gets called again, after the TO reports as TRANSLATED it is udpated to READY_FOR_REVIEW and the old rejected content remains in palce.


Going by the following graph

I even tried to go from REJECTED to SUBMITTED and following the inbetween steps before getting back to TRANSLATED, but that does not seem to change anything.


What am I missing?

Is the intention that after rejection the job is concluded and the translation project manager has to go and manually delete the language copy to be able to resubmit the content in a fersh job? Surelly not, what would then be the meaning of the post rejection call to 'updateTranslationJobState' to TRANSLATION_IN_PROGRESS, right?

Also are there any more resources regarding the expected behavior of a translation connector implementation besides the TranslationSerivce javadocs and the example mock implementation in the bootstrap-connector repo? 


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