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We are working with a client that is using the translation cloud services, managing them through translation projects. They are looking for a way to have a notification sent to all the team members of the project (inbox and email) for when a translation comes back from the translator.

I was wondering if we would have to build a workflow process step that accesses all the team members and sends out an email etc. 

I'm then wondering how to trigger this - could we modify the sync translation workflow to add this new step, or would we have to define a launcher looking for some status change? (whatever that might be)

Has anyone had a similar request and/or solution?


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Yes, you could modify/create a copy of sync translation workflow, if you plan to use that workflow for translations.

You would need to create a custom workflow step to enable emails, see [1]. Add that custom step to the workflow and enable 'handler advance' for the workflow to proceed to next step. You may choose to have author approvals in-place on the results returned after translation. If you don't have the requirement for approvals, you could use auto-advance to move to next step or use a launcher to trigger the email workflow/workflow step.

Launchers are used when you plan to use either sling or jcr events e.g. node created/updated/removed etc. You could use it to listen as and when the translated node is created/updated, the email step would trigger and send the updates.  If you plan to use launchers then it would make sense to create a separate workflow to email the users.


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