Translation Preview Package not being created




We have a translation integration built on the BootstrapTranslationService. As part of that integration we are using the below instructions/method to call for the preview package, generated by AEM on project creation:

"If the Preview feature is enabled, then the file will be generated automatically during the translation job, as long as the provider is calling the uploadTranslationObject method:

This works well for the WeRetail implementation and for many customer content.

However in some circumstances the preview package is not generated, and cannot be retrieved by the connector.

No errors are thrown that we can find in the logs.

Is there any further information on how these preview packages are created, or any examples of instances where they will not be created - ie due to the makeup of the AEM page, or other settings?


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Accepted Solutions (1)





Check to see if there are any special characters such as colons, that are coming into play based on the package naming method. This may be based on .css content rather than user entered.


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