Tools or Approach to Sync Data between SQL Server to AEM 6.5(TAR MK based configurations)



Hi All,

First of all I am totally new to AEM; so please bear with me if i am asking something which is already answered elsewhere,

in that case you may please just suggest me where shall i look.


We have a website in Non-AEM tech and we will be migrating that to AEM. Part of same; we are researching on setting up AEM 6.5 for our needs.

Regarding same I need some info/directions for data setup in AEM.

Our existing website data is sitting currently in sql server and it is huge.

we need to find a way to port/migrate or what ever you want to call it - to move that data into aem.

I understand there will be some changes as format may not be a match between these 2.

We are setting up AEM 6.5 with TAR MK and really have no clue what can be approach to move data between these 2.

We will need to do 2 tasks:

1. Move all existing data in one go - doing what ever transformation related task we have to do and use any free tool available.

2. Define strategy to sync data between these 2 for delta data post first release.

My Queries

Does Adobe or any third party(github project etc) provide any free/open-source tool to do same - I doubt it though?

If no; then could any of you suggest any document/article link which covers solution/approaches around what i need specifically using TAR in aem?

I am not looking solution here, just need some reference which covers this problem.

I could not find any, so i guess i am missing some magic/right keyword to use in my searches.

So far i tried googling for these and nothing gives me meaningful reference:

sql to aem migration approach, sql to tar, sql to tar mk, sql to aem Segment Node Store, CSV to aem

I came to know about these but not sure if they match my need:

Import and export asset metadata in bulk

CSV Asset Importer

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