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Accepted Solutions (1)





The time that you put in the 'Timeout' field will make the step to be executed automatically after the
specified time, only if you do not approve the workflow step from admin or the designated user to approve.

To use,

1. In the Waiting for Activation step, provide the desired timeout value in Timeout Field.
2. In the Timeout Handler field, choose "Absolute Time Auto Advancer" (If you want the step to be executed after
the time specified, make sure that the admin does not approve the request in inbox and you wait for the specified time for the step to be completed)
3. You should configure the timeout settings on "Waiting For activation step"
4. The AbsoluteTimeAutoAdvancer reads a property named absoluteTime from the WorkflowData's MetaDataMap, which you will provide in the field 'Timeout' as mentioned in step 1.

Could you please confirm the use case you are following with Timeout which is is failing.

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