The word “filters” in a hyper link cause the issue in RTEPlugin (AEM 6.3.0 TouchUi)



I am facing an issue with hyperlink in RTE (AEM6.3.0), when i started using filter/search query along with my URL, 


Problem i am facing : I made a hyper link for "Test" with this url{%22audience%22:{%22value%22:[2]}} and then I saved and opened it in preview , after that we come back and reopen component then that hyperlink has become invisible/disappear,(i.e hyperlink is visible on "Test" at single instance only).

So, now here if we Author the RTE with text and hyperlink with Filter/search query URL, and click on ok, we are not able to see the text as Hyperlink when we gave Filter/search query in URL.


Expected Behavior: URLs with filter/search query should work same as the URLs without filter/search query.


So, please help me to achieve the text with Hyperlink in which URL consist of filter/search query.

I am using AEM6.3.0



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AEM6.3.0 RTE Hyperlink issue touchui

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Accepted Solutions (1)





It is removing the href because of invaild URL format. the characters { and } are not valid for urls.

You can override this rule by overlay and update /libs/cq/xssprotection/config.xml 


Though word filter, works in URLs, try with


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