The site has a www and a non www version. We only want to keep the www version. Can this be done with AEM?



So the site recently shifted on AEM and underwent a full transformation. However, we realized that www and non www version of the site exists and we only wish to keep the www version. How to fix this in AEM?

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There are multiple solutions to achieve this:

1) Apply an irule to redirect all non-www requests to www at external Load-balancer used of your site. E.g. BIGIP  // At times it can be performance intensive based on the volume of traffic

2) Depending on the physical architecture of your site and if you have a multi-domain site pointing to same origin server, then you may use another solution at DNS level. //this solution depends on how DNS setup is done.

3) Apply the redirect at apache or use CQ rewrite rules aka mappings.  // Not recommended because this would still serve the cached content to non-www requests from CDN/dispatcher and would not enforce redirection at all times. Could become performance bottleneck or a design issue in the future based on your requirements

If you have a simple use case then go with Load balancer irule something like --



        HTTP::respond 301 Location "https://www.[HTTP::host][HTTP::uri]"


CQ mapping rule for reference:





You can configure rewrite rule at apache for this. If urls are not complicated, a generic should be able to take care of all. You can keep your aem free from all this task.

Rule will append www to incoming request,