The issue of integrating SSO (SSOCircle) with AEM Author



I tried to integrate SAML with AEM Author Instance, I got an issue.

I use SSOCircle as IDP and follow the instruction Integrating SAML with Adobe Experience Manager​ to configure in both SSOCircle and AEM. It works for 4503, but not work for 4502. What differences between configure for 4503 and 4502? To me, it seems only two changes: 1) In SAML Authentication Handler, I put "/" instead of "/content" as Root Path; 2) Don't need to enable "Authentication" for the pages, see "Defining Closed User Group for a page" in the instruction. I think I have done all what I need to do, but it doesn't work. When I typed http://localhost :4502, it went to for logging, after I provided the credential and submit, it didn't go back to http://localhost:4502/aem/start, it shows "Resource at '/' not found: No resource found". What did I miss?

Another issue is when I was using the certificate provided by Integrating SAML with Adobe Experience Manager for 4503, it's ok, but when I was using the certificate downloaded from my SSOCircle accout Download the SSOCircle CA Certificate, I got "Invalid SAML Token" after I login in Any idea?

Thanks for the help.

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