Tenant Specific Permissions in Experience Fragments and Templates



I have set up permissions for tenant specific users as follows:

Path = / with restrictions = */tenant


This structure has worked to provide tenant specific access in sites and assets, however, this format does not restrict the experience fragments and templates to the same tenant specificity. To troubleshoot, I've attempted to deny jcr:read to path = / with restrictions = */content/experience-fragments/* which does not work either.

I believe the URL for experience fragments including "/aem" is the problem:

Sites --> https://<url>/sites.html/content

Assets --> https://<url>/assets.html/content/dam

Experience Fragments --> https://<url>/aem/experience-fragments.html/content/experience-fragments


I'm also seeing the same inability for tenant restrictions in templates, but I need to do some more troubleshooting there since it's under /conf instead of /content.


Has anyone else attempted permissions in a multi tenant environment where each tenant only has access to their specific information?


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Accepted Solutions (1)





Yes, we have set up the tenant specific permission for site, assets, templates and experience fragment.

do not deny permission, just allowed only for the tenant.



path: /content/experience-fragments/aem63app
permission: allow
actions: actions (optional, comma separated)


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