Teaser not working in aem6.3

Naga_Seran 23-07-2018

Hi Team,

We are in process of migrating to AEM6.3 from AEM5.6 version.Due to AEM 6.3 upgrade, campaign feature on our application got broken. Could you please help us on this. Please find below details for the same.

Campaign Feature on application:

When login /guest user navigate to caregiver application, we will show the personalized logo on top right corner of the site and the personalized text on caregiver homepage based on the affiliation Id of the user.

We are seen an inconsistent in displaying the campaign logo/text on the site, when user does not have affiliation Id.It is showing the logo/text one after other and finally landing to last log/text.



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smacdonald2008 23-07-2018

Also - as you are new to AEM 6.3 - classic UI and static templates are no longer best practice.  You should be using editable templates, policies, etc, I recommend that you go through this six part AEM tutorial here -- Getting Started with AEM Sites - WKND Tutorial