Team site to AEM migration ( Experience Fragment )




We are in process of team site to AEM migration. I know Team site stores html / content in XML format which can migrate to AEM JCR using custom utility.

But what we are looking for is, use AEM as headless CMS and build dynamic content using Experience Fragment. So in this case would like to migrate Team site ( .xml ) to AEM ( Experience fragment ).

Looking at the java doc , it seems that there are API available for content fragment to be created programatically but for experience fragment there are no API available so far using which we can create it programatically(  only read / view API are available ) and will have to create experience fragment only using UI / manually.

Considering migration ( which might have thousands of files ) , I looking for if there is way where-in we can migrate team site ( .xml ) to AEM ( experience fragment ) without much manual efforts.

Possible option which I'm looking for are,

1. xml to AEM experience fragment  or

2. .xml to AEM using content fragment and then if there are option to convert content fragment to experience fragment.

3. .xml to AEM JCR then  AEM jcr / site pages to experience fragment or

4. last option would be manually create experience fragment template and then variation 

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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