targeting option is not appearing on the modes dropdown on a page

shwetakhatana 08-01-2019

I have created a page in my project under sites and when i am editing that page I am not able to see the targeting mode in the modes dropdown in order to apply it on the experience fragment used.

Thanks in advance.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Add below in your headlibs

<!--/* Include Context Hub */-->

<sly data-sly-resource="${'contexthub' @ resourceType='granite/contexthub/components/contexthub'}"/>

shwetakhatana 09-01-2019

yes thanks, i also tried this watching a video on the link Adobe Experience Manager Help | Set up ContextHub with AEM Sites , now I have got my targeting mode on the project's pages.

But after that the contextHub option on toolbar in the preview mode is not coming. Can i get help on that too?

shwetakhatana 08-01-2019

It is already there in my customheaderlibs file, although i remember one thing i did, which might have been wrong.

  • On the Experience Manager rail, click or tap Tools > Sites > Context Hub.

  • Click or tap the default Configuration Container.

  • Click or tap the Context Hub Configuration.

  • Click or tap the Create button, and then click or tap Context Hub UI Mode.

    But now when i am goint to tools- sites- contexthub, there is no default configuration container under global, it shows legacy configuration container and clicking on it shows me null.