tagManager.resolve(tagPath) is returning null without logging into Publish?



Hi All,

I have written a servlet which will be executed when below url is called:


This url fetch the correct data based on the query written in servlet service. Now on publish server, the data is fetched only if I am logged into Publish server through crxde. If I am not logged into the publisher through crx de the servlet is not responding the expected data. why?

I have created a system user for this service/servlet and used this session.

while debugging I found that :

While executing Tag tag = tagManager.resolve(tagPath); I am getting tag = null, where tagpath is /etc/tags/project/test/sources/512 which is published to the publisher. and I checked that this tag is available in the publisher. The respective content is also published.

Any pointers to find this? or debugging.



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Accepted Solutions (1)



By Default, Anonymous user will not have permission /etc/tags
Either you can provide permission or read this via service user which as permission

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Answers (2)




Go to useradmin, For everyone group make sure you have read permissions to /etc/tags and folder under it.

In AEM 6.4, the path for the tags would be /content/cq:tags. You can check for the same permission for the everyone group.