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Tag field in Journal/Blog Component not working


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I'm trying to add tags to my blog posts whenever I use the Journal component. I have created a list of tags under /etc/tags and it shows up on my journal component's edit dialogue when i enable the option to "Allow Tagging" and then i check off namespaces I allow under the "Allow Namespaces" section.

However, when typing in a tag in the Tag Field that relates to the tag I created under /etc/tags, is there suppose to be like a pop up menu that shows which tags I can use so that it auto-fills? Or .... how do I know that the tag I add in the Tag Field is being registered properly to the post being created? I look through the json that contains the info of all my blog posts but I don't see any properties displaying which tags are associated with my post. I only see the property that says "isTaggingAllowed": true.

Ideally, I want to use this tagging feature to be able to sort my blog posts by tag. Such as creating a dropdown menu listing all the tags being used and when the user selects a tag from the drop down menu, only the blog posts that have that tag will show up on my blog page. Is there already something in AEM that does this or would I need to create this functionality from scratch?

I'm using AEM 6.3.

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Nevermind I figured it out.

In the dialog of the journal component, under Tag Field tab, set the Suggestion Limit field equal to -1. For me, by default, it was set to 0. Meaning that it would show the pop up of suggested tags when you start typing. I feel like by default it should be set to -1 and not 0. The tags will only show up once you create tags under /etc/tags.