SystemUser Permissions - Package



Hello Everyone,

I am trying to set the permissions on the System User. Basically for one of my use-case, I have to give permission on "apps", "content", "tmp" and "var" folder.

In my local/Dev environment. looks fine as I am creating the SystemUser and setting the permissions manually there.

Now, I am looking for creating a package for SystemUser to deploy it in Higher environments with the permissions  on "apps", "content" and "var" folder.

I am using ACS ACL Packager to create the package, with permissions.

PROBLEM: I have included 5 folders in the Include Pattern Section but in the filters, it's showing only 3 folder with rep:policy.

This how it looks -


Is there anything that I am missing here to include "tmp" and "etc" rep:Policy in the Filter?

Any help would be appreciated.