Sync up visible icons (buttons) in Full screen mode of both Wrench (cq:dialog) and Inline mode (Pencil)



There is a requirement for component like text( RTE plug-in)  to sync the visibility of icons(buttons) showing in fullscreen of Inline mode (Pencil icon: inline editor) and Fullscreen of wrench icon (cq:dialog) which is showing lesser icons than in fullscreen of inline mode.


While for inline Pencil fullscreen mode, through OOTB design_dialog visibility of icons can be controlled(ticked /unticked checkbox from Policy ) for text component for Features icons under   /apps/core/wcm/components/text/v2/text/cq:design_dialog/content/items/tabs/items/plugins/items/Features/items/fixedcol/items/col1/items 

 , specific to Features like find-replace  icons etc , But If we want to display all the Icons under fullscreen mode of wrench icon (for cq:dialog), specially the Feature icons mentioned in the above path are not visible or controlled from policy (Though other default features like Bold and indentation things can be controlled in both inline and wrench mode), So I just want to showcase all same icons (almost 20+ icons/buttons) visible in fullscreen mode of inline mode (Pencil) same in fullscreen mode of wrench (cq:dialog) which is showing only 13+ icons/buttons,


I tried adding some defaultPasteMode like browser, plaintext, wordtext as mentioned   inside /apps/project_name/common/components/content/text/cq:editConfig/cq:inplaceEditing/config/rtePlugins/

and defining same as toolbar option under /text/uiSettings/cui/dialogFullScreen But it's not working out.


Any Help would be appreciable. Thanks.

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So If we wanted to sync up for all icons/buttons in wrench and pencil fullscreen mode then we need to add all the missing features nodes (specially the Features like undo, paste, find, replace etc) as mentioned in the rtePlugin details provided in below link which consists package for that