Swapping a component in Adobe Target with Experience Fragment



Let me give you some context here.

I am trying to use AEM 6.4 new feature experience fragments. I need to make use of experience fragment to give the audience a personalized experience. For a POC, I have converted an existing component(let's say banner component) into experience fragment and successfully able to export the experience fragment variation to Adobe Target.

In Adobe Target, I am targeting the homepage(which is being iframed into Target) where this banner component is present. In order to do that, I have created an activity, specifically A/B test.

Now the issue occurs when I try to swap the banner component on the homepage with this experience fragment variation (offer in terms of Adobe Target). It says "Cannot serve request to /content/experience-fragments/poc/poc-banner-default/poc-banner-v2.nocloudconfigs.atoffer.html on this server" where poc-banner-v2 is the variation of the banner component.

Has anyone faced this issue? Am I missing anything?

AEM 6.4.2 (localhost 4502 & 4503)

No Dispatcher



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



While exporting an experince fragment to Target, the exporter service fetch the content from  path + ".nocloudconfigs.atoffer.html". Whatever HTML you get from this, that will be exported to Target. If path + ".nocloudconfigs.atoffer.html" is not working in author, then Tartget Activation will fail.

Make sure path + ".nocloudconfigs.atoffer.html?wcmmode=disabled" works in AEM author. It might not be working because of some configurations only.