Suggestion: Content Structure for experience fragment.



Dear Members,

We are introducing experience fragment for the first time in our project for that we have maintained the same site structure like:


for language-masters and /content/experience-fragments/project-name/us/en_us/…… for live copies. But the problem with this approach is while crating a live copy of a pages from language-master, we are have a option to select the target but while creating live copy variation of the XF we don't have option to select the target, where I wanted to place the variation, So this is impacting the existing the Rollout config rule of our project.

Since live copy variation needs to be created in our case, I can see only one option : first create a master copy then live copy variation at the same place and after creation move it to the respective live copy location like /content/experience-fragments/project-name/language-masters/en_us/……  to /content/experience-fragments/project-name/us/en_us/… but this is not a good way to do it.

So can anyone please suggest what are the options I have in this regard.


Umesh Thakur

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