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Sergei_P2018 01-08-2018

Hi Community!

I've noticed that ComponentStyleInfoCache stores data about style system applied to a component. But sometimes cache isn't refreshed which leads to a different experience. Could you please share some piece of information regarding the mechanism?

Thanks in advance

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takafumi_asao 29-01-2020

You can see the status and interface of ComponentStyleInfoCache from below link.

http://localhost:4502/system/console/jmx/ omponentStyleInfoCacheMBe...

But the clearCache() method does not work.


You can clear cache by changing "Cache entry size" of "ComponentStyleInfo Cache Configuration" in OSGi ConfigMgr.

Jitendra_S_Toma 01-08-2018

Hi Sergei,

ComponentStyle stores style in the design and AEM does not cache it as far as I know. Are you talking cache at the dispatcher level?