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Strange Behavior Upon Log In


Level 5

Hi guys!

My admin account is working fine but some users in a different group are seeing strange behavior upon logging in to /aem/start.html:

Screen Shot 2019-08-15 at 14.01.48.png

I'm not aware of any permissions having changed recently, but it's possible a change was made.

Help is appreciated! Thanks!

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Level 10

It seems like css is not loading most likely due to permissions issue, you may check browser-console logs or error.log for pointers


Employee Advisor

Make sure the users have read access to /libs directory and if you have customized the consoles, make sure the users have read access to /apps


Community Advisor

Can you share the sample permissions of one of those users ? Also try opening the pages in an incognito window after clearing the browser cache. Sometimes that causes some weird behaviors



Check the user group access:
1. go to http://host:port/useradmin

2. find the user group

3. go to permissions tab

4, make sure the group has appropriate access to /libs and /apps