Store external data in JCR

dilips50359074 04-09-2019

Hi AEM Guru's

I am new to AEM 6.5 , I have a requirement in the project where I need to store the external data in JCR (example alerts data(alert desc, alertdate, isalertactive , alertclosed) , last tweet in the client twitter account etc..) and read it when required and show it on the screen.

Are there any recommendations by AEM to store external data in specific nodes such as content or etc.  and as well it should be secured.

Any pointers highly appreciated.



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Storing external data in JCR is a common practice. AEM will be able to maintain the data with Online Compaction. You can use OOTB nodes to store your data, or it is possible to add a custom node type by using a Node Type Administration via CRX Explorer.

anujg3325839 04-09-2019

Hi Dilip.. you can store any data in jcr as long as it follows the JCR recommendations. you can use the API to write data which is common. for the path , it is always a good practice to keep ser generated data separate than your project data. But there is no limitations from AEM end, you can put it anywhere. for security you should use the ACL's and dispatcher filters