Static Reference Rewriter is not working in AEM 6.4



Hi Friends,


I need to rewrite some of the /content/dam urls to Dynamic Media URLs.  I am trying to achieve this functionality using ACS Commons - Static Reference Rewrite Transformer Factory and Apache Sling Rewriter configuration. Did the necessary configuration, but it's not working for me. 


Any suggestions. Any additional config or step that is needed apart from the above configurations. Pleas help.




Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




@Hemalatha how are you doing this? The asset path in AEM and Dynamic media will not match right?


I guess you either have to right a rewrite similar to link rewrites to convert paths for assets in a page by reading the DM image file name from Asset metadata or call write service which will take DAM path as input and gives DM url if synced to DM and call that service in your component