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Specifying path for crx folder during startup


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We are using a script to startup AEM using the standard java -jar .jar command. The script is located on a different path than the cq jar itself. Because of this, when the cmd is run, the crx-quickstart folder is created in the folder where script is located and not where the jar is. We want the crx folder to be created in the jar path. Anyway to achieve this? Because of certain limitations, we can't place the script file elsewhere.

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I have never read anything that suggest that can be done like this. As you see - the default is where the script is located.


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I am assuming you have .bat script and in this script is placed C:\dir1\path1\script.bat and your jar is located at C:\dir2\dir3\cq-jar.jar

If your script is running from C:\dir1\path1\ path cq-quickstart folder will be created here but if you'll run your script from C:\dir2\dir3\ path, cq-quickstart folder will be created at C:\dir2\dir3\.

cd C:\dir2\dir3\

C:\dir2\dir3 > C:\dir1\path1\script.bat

this is just for reference, you may try to execute script from cq-jar folder, if helps.



Arun Patidar