Specific page in authoring environment creates multiple redirect requests



In AEM Authoring environment, when I try to edit a page it takes a while and the request of the page is getting stalled. So the page doesn't show up. The same page is editable by admin user.

There are no specific permission policies set to that page. Permissions for my ID is set to allow page create, modify and delete. From the error.log and browser console, the request for the page content seems to be redirecting multiple times without any response.

One of the custom component used in that page has a reference to two products. Removing any one of the product from the component by an admin user makes it available for edit for me.

Any idea on what else to check as I dont find anything suspicious from logs. Also, I am keen to know what is /content/regent.html (purpose of this request).

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Accepted Solutions (1)




"/content/regent.html" is the test page created for customers that are run on Adobe Managed Services. This Page is used for monitoring purposes. If you need more info, get in touch with your CSE.

Regarding components not loading, I would recommend creating a page with just the two components that have issues and debug it from there.

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