Smart Crops reset after running DAM Update Asset Workflow





I uploaded an image to my DAM and used it on a page with the default smart crops that AEM generated for my profile.

Now, I went back to DAM and changed some selection in the smart crop for one of my sizes where in for my small size smart crop I wanted to focus more on the object.

If now we run the DAM Update Asset Workflow again on the image, it resets what I had selected for my small size to the original one that was originally there?

Could someone please help?



Ankush Dhingra

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Accepted Solutions (1)




@ankushd75501011 interesting but valid question.


As of I know, it is how it works.. since smart cropping works as part of scene7 process step in DAM asset update workflow. 


If you have to prevent below usecase, try to create separate workflow for scene7 sync with that single process step so that when image gets updated for general edits these smart crops will not refreshed.


Just option try it out but with this we will loose auto sync to scene7/DM , authors has to manually sync to scene7/DM whenever needed/ondemand.

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