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I uploaded an image to my DAM and used it on a page with the default smart crops that AEM generated for my profile.

Now, I went back to DAM and changed some selection in the smart crop for one of my sizes where in for my small size smart crop I wanted to focus more on the object.

But after saving and re-publishing the image, the page still shows the old smart crop. If I hit the image url directly on the browser, then also it gives me the cached image, but if I append a query parameter to the url, it gives me the changed image.


Could someone please help?



Ankush Dhingra

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Accepted Solutions (1)




@ankushd75501011 OOTB scene7 CDN will cache assets based on TTL. I remember it as 10 hours of browser cache and 1 hour of server cache.

As of I know you have couple of options,


Option1: if you have limited number of assets or limited number of authors, you can use scene7 classic ui now changes to desktop app to invalidate CDN cache..


Option2: write a custom replication agent or replication preprocessor or sling job or replication event handler or workflow process step to perform programmatic cache clear.


Option3: while generating scene7 url append current timestamp as queryparam by which if we clear aem pagecache if it will fetch latest scene7 files across the page.


Hope this helps.


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Answers (1)