Sling resourceType , sling:resourceSuperType.

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From the AEM docs (

In addition to the resource types (primarily defined by the sling:resourceType property) there is also the resource super type. This is generally indicated by the sling:resourceSuperType property. These super types are also considered when trying to find a script. The advantage of resource super types is that they may form a hierarchy of resources where the default resource type sling/servlet/default (used by the default servlets) is effectively the root.

Also - see the SLing docs. This is a good topic to start with:

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Answers (2)



sling:resourceType: Locate the resource to be used for rendering.

sling:resourceSuperType: Locate the resource to be inherited, allowing us to override some of the scripts.




You can see an example of sling:resourceType and sling:resourceSuperType in geometrixx too.

  • Simply open geometrixx contentpage component at - /apps/geometrixx/components/contentpage
  • contentpage component node declares sling:resourceSuperType as geometrixx/components/page and the script that it contains is content.jsp
    • What happens here is all the scripts are referred from geometrixx/components/page except content.jsp
    • content.jsp is referred from /apps/geometrixx/components/contentpage

Thats how sling:resourceType ans sling:resourceSuperType relate to each other.

- Runal