Sling mapping issue in Production Publish 2



There was an issue with short url mapping in Production Publish 2 instance for one of our site where we had the mapping under /etc/map/https/ The short URL was resolving in Prod publish 1 instance whereas it was not resolving in Publish 2.

Due to this, when the pages are accessed pages from the site, 404 page not found was coming up occasionally (whenever the request hits dispatcher 2 which points to publish 2). We tried the following steps to resolve the issue. Package /etc/map/https/ and /etc/map/http/ from Publish 1 and installed it in Publish 2 – Issue was not resolved. We restarted the following 2 bundles – The issue was resolved. Apache Sling JCR Resource Resolver Apache Sling Resource Resolver The issue was resolved but we are unable to determine the root cause of this issue. So that we could prevent this kind of issue from occurring again in production environment.

Any idea what could have caused this issue?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi @sivaramr5911311 ,


I have faced this issue quite often, whenever we make a change in sling mappings, we mostly have to restart the bundle, as you mentioned.


One of the reason I could relate is mentioned in this article -


Although, it mentions that Sling automatically builds the filter, but looks like when we do a restart of the bundle, this filter gets build again.

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Answers (2)




Please confirm if you have log in as an admin via CRXDE and then do the same request again to validate this. Also check if the mapping is actually applied by AEM:


- Go to http://<host>:<port>/system/console/jcrresolver

- Under "Mapping Map Entries", check if the entries are appearing there.


You can also setup a DEBUG logger on "" to check how the resolution is happening and which resource resolver settings are being applied.