Sling distribution : Entire node structure is not getting sync



Version of AEM : 6.4

We have a functionality to save the user related data in the user node while logging in .The node structure looks something as below :


We want to use multiple publisher for the website hence forth. For this purpose , we want to enable sling distribution ,so that the user data will be in sync across all the publish servers.

But when we enabled it, the node structure was created partially i.e, sub nodes of the child nodes were not present in the other publisher as below :


I wanted to understand ,if sling distribution supports nth level node synchronization  or not .

Below log is suspicious ,but not sure couldn't find any reference : 

15.03.2019 16:24:22.386 *WARN* [sling-oak-observation-1] org.apache.jackrabbit.oak.jcr.observation.ChangeProcessor Error while dispatching observation events for /home/users//*[10001b]@com.adobe.social.integrations.livefyre.user.pingforpull.impl.PingPullServlet

com.adobe.cq.social.SocialException: Could not get root path for livefyre service configurations.

Please let me know your thoughts on this.