Sites Config disrupted by Assets launch?



Can anyone provide any insight w/ this? 

First, I'm not a developer. I'm a DAM. So my knowledge has its limits.

Recently, our company launched new websites and did so via AEM Sites.

Now, we're ready to launch Assets DAM, using AWS w/ YM AMS support as we did for Sites. .

Will the configuration of the Sites solution be affected if there is customized Config for the Assets solution?

In short, the Assets solution is intentionally being non-customized, w/ no componentry, because of the concern

that the Assets config may disrupt the pre-existing Sites config.

I find it kind of hard to believe that the entire AEM universe we have with all its possible solutions and integrations would be stuck w/ a single Config.

This would mean that every web site built in Sites would have to adhere to same Config? That sounds incredibly restrictive and

anti-intuitive. I thought each Solution (if not, each Site) stood on their own and worked independently of others.

Can someone confirm this? Or explain?

Much appreciated. Thanks.

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Accepted Solutions (1)





when you say "Config", do you have something special in mind?

Technically it's not a problem to run AEM Sites and DAM in parallel on the same instance(s). There might be other reasons (technical and non-technical ones) not to do that, that there a lot of customers out there which run AEM Sites and DAM in parallel.

To actually address your question and concern, you should get in contact with your implementation partner; they know the existing site solution best and can say if the sites implementation has side-effects to any DAM functionality. But to be honest I would be surprised if there are any. Sites and DAM have been developed to work side-by-side.


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Did you experience something to suggest to Assets somehow effected Sites?  I have never heard of such a scenario. Can you please describe what occurred in more detail.