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Hi All,

We are currently developing few AEM content services in AEM 6.4 which will be consumed later by our mobile application.

I would like to know if anyone has already worked on it. I need guidance in terms of :

  1. Should we host the AEM content services on the same domain as my website like : or should we host it with subdomain or separate domain like Please let me know if we have any specific best practices in terms of AEM guidelines.
  2. What all infrastructure activities we can expect apart from CDN and apache changes for new domains.

Thank you in advance.

Answers (2)

Answers (2)




To me, the answer would vary based on your requirements. Couple of generic points to consider:

1) Security aspects - Is the content supposed to be secure/behind authentication/tokenized?

2) CORS use cases, if any

3) Size of requests, # of requests, size of headers - should you consider cookieless domain for any use case?

4) Existing architecture/setup

5) SEO requirements

6) Caching requirements

7) Flushing requirements, frequency of rollout/changes