Setting Excerpt (hit.getExcerpt) true for huge volume of PDFs is making search query really slow



We have implemented custom search using query builder for Pages and Assets. When i set 

p.excerpt = true, I get all the information of excerpt for both pages and assets (pdfs mainly) but query gets super slow.

The query works as excepted (faster) if I just set the  excerpt for Pages but as soon as i use it for assets, it gets slow.

Is there any way to extract excerpt for huge volume of assets faster through querybuilder search.


(/jcr:root/content/xxx/us/en//element(*, cq:Page)[(jcr:contains(., 'xyz') and not(jcr:content/@isNotSearchable))] | /jcr:root/content/dam/xxx/documents//element(*, dam:Asset)[(jcr:contains(., 'xyz') )])/rep:excerpt(.)


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@abhishekk981269  Few questions to guide you better, What version of AEM are your using? What are doing with excerpts?