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Setting a default for Translation Provider Credential


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Hello! I was just wondering if we can set a default for the Translation Provider Credential in the Translation Project Properties page?


I am enhancing a connector which populates the contents of the highlighted area in the above image. I want it to have a default selected depending on the contents of a json file. Although, when I checked on the backend, it just calls a parent class method:

super(Maps.newHashMap(), Maps.newHashMap(), name, SERVICE_LABEL, SERVICE_LABEL, TRANSLATION_CLOUD_CONFIG_ROOT_PATH, TranslationMethod.HUMAN_TRANSLATION, tc);

The TRANSLATION_CLOUD_CONFIG_ROOT_PATH returns a list which contains the names of the cloud configurations of the connector that I'm enhancing. It always sets the first item of the list as the default one. What I wanted to do is to read a json file, get the default cloud config and set it as the first item of the dropdown menu. I also wanted it to be specific per project (depending on the json file content). To do this, I wanted to override the super method although when I checked the parent class it returns this:


Is there anything that I can do to implement this? Or is it even possible?

Thank you in advance for your replies.

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