Service Pack Upgrade from 6.4.7 to 6.4.8



hi team,

Please let me know if we can install 6.4.8 Service Pack in a instance which already has 6.4.7 SP installed. I tried to install with force upload option, since SP is cumulative pack of previous fixes, i thought it will work, But my instance is still pointing to 6.4.7 under "/system/console/productinfo". 

Please let me know if it needs to be installed only with 6.4.0 instance. AEM cq package Package Manager service packs

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi @kishorek1264980 ,


Yes, it can be installed. If product info is not showing the right value, most probably this means the service pack installation didn't happen properly. Once successfully installed, it show the below log lines in error.log


25.01.2020 00:22:40.264 *INFO* [Thread-1572] updater.aem-service-pkg Service [27311, []] ServiceEvent UNREGISTERING
25.01.2020 00:22:40.266 *INFO* [Thread-1572] com.adobe.granite.installer.Updater Removing updater itself from installer...
25.01.2020 00:22:40.267 *INFO* [Thread-1572] com.adobe.granite.installer.Updater Waiting for service org.osgi.service.event.EventAdmin...
25.01.2020 00:22:40.267 *INFO* [Thread-1572] com.adobe.granite.installer.Updater Service org.osgi.service.event.EventAdmin is now available
25.01.2020 00:22:40.268 *INFO* [Thread-1572] com.adobe.granite.startup.impl.InstallerListener Bundle updater.aem-service-pkg (597) update is over
25.01.2020 00:22:40.268 *INFO* [Thread-1572] com.adobe.granite.installer.Updater Send event with topic com/adobe/granite/installer/updater and properties {name=updater.aem-service-pkg, wait=false, id=597}
25.01.2020 00:22:40.268 *INFO* [Thread-1572] com.adobe.granite.installer.Updater Finished updater AEM-6.4-Service-Pack-7
25.01.2020 00:22:40.268 *INFO* [Thread-1572] com.adobe.granite.installer.Updater Getting repository service...
25.01.2020 00:22:40.269 *INFO* [Thread-1572] com.adobe.granite.installer.Updater Got repository service
25.01.2020 00:22:40.269 *INFO* [Thread-1572] com.adobe.granite.installer.Updater Removing bundle at /libs/system/aem-service-pkg-6.4.8/install/1/updater.aem-service-pkg-1.0.0.jar...
25.01.2020 00:22:40.613 *INFO* [JcrInstaller.3] Removing resource from OSGi installer: [/libs/system/aem-service-pkg-6.4.8/install/1/updater.aem-service-pkg-1.0.0.jar]
25.01.2020 00:22:40.625 *INFO* [OsgiInstallerImpl] updater.aem-service-pkg BundleEvent STOPPING
25.01.2020 00:22:40.627 *INFO* [OsgiInstallerImpl] updater.aem-service-pkg BundleEvent STOPPED
25.01.2020 00:22:40.628 *INFO* [OsgiInstallerImpl] updater.aem-service-pkg BundleEvent UNRESOLVED
25.01.2020 00:22:40.628 *INFO* [OsgiInstallerImpl] updater.aem-service-pkg BundleEvent UNINSTALLED
25.01.2020 00:22:40.672 *INFO* [OsgiInstallerImpl] Uninstalled bundle updater.aem-service-pkg [597] from resource TaskResource(url=jcrinstall:/libs/system/aem-service-pkg-6.4.8/install/1/updater.aem-service-pkg-1.0.0.jar, entity=bundle:updater.aem-service-pkg, state=UNINSTALL, attributes=[, Bundle-SymbolicName=updater.aem-service-pkg, Bundle-Version=1.0], digest=1579911451353)
25.01.2020 00:22:40.672 *INFO* [FelixDispatchQueue] org.apache.felix.framework FrameworkEvent PACKAGES REFRESHED
25.01.2020 00:22:40.677 *INFO* [Thread-1572] com.adobe.granite.installer.Updater Content Package AEM-6.4-Service-Pack-8 Installed successfully
25.01.2020 00:22:40.680 *INFO* [CM Event Dispatcher (Fire ConfigurationEvent:] WhitelistFragment removed 'bundleupdater: [updater.aem-service-pkg]'
25.01.2020 00:22:40.681 *INFO* [CM Event Dispatcher (Fire ConfigurationEvent:] Service [,18614, []] ServiceEvent UNREGISTERING
25.01.2020 00:22:40.716 *INFO* [OsgiInstallerImpl] Full package refreshing
25.01.2020 00:22:40.716 *INFO* [OsgiInstallerImpl] Waiting up to 90 seconds for bundles refresh
25.01.2020 00:22:40.716 *INFO* [FelixDispatchQueue] org.apache.felix.framework FrameworkEvent PACKAGES REFRESHED
25.01.2020 00:22:40.716 *INFO* [OsgiInstallerImpl] Done full package refresh
25.01.2020 00:22:55.190 *INFO* [oak-repository-executor-1] com.adobe.granite.repository Service [27401, [org.apache.jackrabbit.oak.api.jmx.SessionMBean]] ServiceEvent REGISTERED


You can grep for any of these lines in your error log to confirm.

Check [1] and see if there are any nodes present below. This means the installation is not complete. You can delete the node and try installing again. 


[1] - system/sling/installer/jcr/pauseInstallation


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Answers (1)




Hi Kishore,

Yes, you can install 6.4.8 service pack on top of an instance which already has 6.4.7 SP installed. It should reflect the version fine under http://localhost:4504/system/console/status-productinfo.


Can you check the status of http://localhost:4504/system/console/bundles.json  and verify if all bundles are up and running? Have you tried restarting the instance as well?