Send AEM inbox programatically to a group

sreekalyanip 12-06-2018

To send inbox notification programmatically for a user we can do as below.


            ResourceResolver resourceResolver = resolverFactory.getResourceResolver(null);

            InboxNotification inboxNotification = inboxNotificationSender.buildInboxNotification();


            inboxNotification.setTitle("Page Published");

            inboxNotification.setMessage("The page has been Published");

            inboxNotificationSender.sendInboxNotification(resourceResolver, inboxNotification);

Is there any way we can send inbox notification to a group programmatically? I tried sendInboxNotifications but it is not happening.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



sendInboxNotifications uses Task API to send inbox notification and Task Class contains method to send notification only owner

void setCurrentAssignee(String ownerId)

Task ("The Adobe AEM Quickstart and Web Application.")

acs-aem-commons/ at master · Adobe-Consulting-Services/acs-aem-commo...

Adobe Experience Manager Help | Developing for Task Management in AEM 

You can develop your own Class and implements sendInboxNotifications to override in order to pass group and get All user within group and loop through to send notification to all.