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Selection getting collapsed for the first time


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Hi Team , 

I am facing problem regarding Selection widget getting collapsed for the first time and works properly after first time. I am using two selection inside a same panel in dialog in which on the basis of first option chosen in Selection 1 , I am setting the options for Selection 2 using method (".setOptions()") method .After which the Selection 2 is getting collapsed for the first time , on clicking it again it it expands properly.  Can anything be done regarding this . Any help is greatly appreciated.




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Sorry Scott  but did not got your question , I am referring here to a component whose dialog is having two selection type of widgets . And I need to change the options of second selection on the basis of first selection . The jcr:primaryType of dialog is "cq:dialog"

I am using it on normal desktop  


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I meant the AEM Touch UI as opposed to classic. The artilce that Kautuk referenced should help you. 


Also - see this artilce that talks about settign different fields on a Touch UI Dialog based on a selection of a drop down: http://scottsdigitalcommunity.blogspot.ca/2017/01/dynamically-changing-adobe-experience.html