Search without location tag is not displaying empty result message

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Which AEM version are you using , I checked in AEM 6.4 works




I am using AEM 6.5 and my question is


if you search for any random keyword suppose

search key is "fjsdflkasdf" for this result count will come null.


In this case is should show the empty result message as its showing while location is given.

The reason is both the cases the query is different

Without location - 



If you use location - 



you can check this with Adobe via raising day care ticket.

Arun, I am trying to override the below file



Is this apporch is fine like trying to override omnisearch?




Am trying few things before raising adobe ticket for the same.

Hi, Do you mean, you are overriding omnisearch ? If you so then please make sure you will not impact other searches like path browser, assets search etc.

Thanks Arun for your input. 

Today I am going to raise a ticket for the same.

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